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Andrew and Carol Bolliger owners of CrossFit salem

Andrew and Carol Bolliger


CrossFit Salem was founded in 2008 in our garage. More coming….

The CrossFit Salem Coaching Team

The CrossFit Salem coaching team has a diversity of experience and skills. All coaches are CrossFit Level 1 certified and most have additional certifications in areas like powerlifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics, nutrition, as well as higher level CrossFit certifications.
The current roster of coaches include:
  • Andy (Owner)
  • Carol (Owner and Head Kids Coach)
  • Sam (Manager)
  • Ali
  • Mike
  • Robert
  • Amanda
  • Jamie
  • Cody
  • Jason
  • Peter
  • Shannon
  • Anna
  • Maddy
  • Lynette
  • Bri
  • Ray
  • Mandy
  • Ken
  • Kary
  • Patrick

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